Loving the new season cherry blossoms

The new spring season has finally arrived, and its new atmosphere feels absolutely great. Slightly warmer weather, a time change giving more light to our evenings, more outside sports actions, and very notably come the fresh blooms. My favorite visuals of this new season are the many cherry trees adorn with their brightest blooms, of […]

Loving more new season blossoms…

I have to enjoy these fresh blossoms while they last… And, the best place for the grandest trees in Seattle, are foremost at the Quad in the University of Washington. Here, a grand gathering of cheery cherry trees stand tall in top bloom through this week. Nearly every year, I take time out to enjoy […]

The blossoms stay out, float around, clutter together

After errands in these shutdown weeks, I often take a small detour through Freeway Park in Downtown Seattle (located above Interstate 5). Why? Because I need to, to help mentally cheered in this tough time. I must place myself in these city-developed little pockets of nature, to hear the birds chirp and peek at the […]

Fallen Blossoms in the Early Spring

The Seattle weather has been very fickle lately. The sunshine remains infrequent and the rain a familiar thing that happens 2-3 days a week. Below, are the cherry trees of early spring, reaching the peak of bloom throughout the Emerald City for this year. Locally, more blossoms have fallen into scatters. The recent rains dampened […]

A Day of Scattered Blossoms.

“The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short.” – Homaro Cantu, famous American chef and inventor. Pictures taken at […]

Over the Weekend: Never Enough Blossoms

Ah..another lovely weekend past, to enjoy while it lasts. From what I hear, these many early blooming Cherry Blossom trees throughout the Seattle are almost at their peak. By the end of April, I think their pedaled spender will be a pleasant memory, until next year. I lived in Seattle for a few years now, and […]

The Cherry Trees at the University of Washington, Seattle..

The best sign of the fresh Spring.. These Yoshino cherry trees, are scattered throughout the Seattle area. Now, they are full and amazing. This is a nice reward to us locals for putting up with the plentiful showers of early March. Now, the weekend weather is grand and sunny. Many cherry trees, you can easily […]

Pictures of Today 4/19/15, Trailing through Discovery Park

A hike through Discovery Park..yes. That was the best remedy to a rough last week; as I needed fresh air, time away from the screens and sirens. Discovery Park has 534 square miles, of peace and nature for one to enjoy. There are open meadows, dense forestation, rocky cliffs, old historical buildings, and a beach. […]

Picture of Today 3/25/16, Big Squirrel on Campus

  Today, at the University of Washington in Seattle, I took time out to admire the cherry blossom trees within. And so did many others, including Sam Squirrel. Before the bushy-tailed agent of N.U.T.S scurried about on some mysterious mission, there was time to ponder the changing of Spring since the days of barely a […]

Sakura Spring Fallings, Part 1

   Here are my pics, of fallen blossoms from nearby Sakura (Cherry) trees in a parking lot. I found these accidently, somewhat lost on my way to a bustop in Redmond. The surrounding area is an extension of the Microsoft Headquarters, much larger than I thought. The air was quiet, with birds chirping in the […]

Falling in Spring, somewhere in Seattle..

Wow, Kobe Terrace Park. Seek this beautiful yet small park in Seattle, especially in the Spring. Find Kobe Terrace Park, northeast of the International District. Go east, uphill on Washington street and past 6th, before the freeway. This small public paradise awaits you, covered with cherry blossom trees and small shrubbery. All this on a […]