Picture of Today 10/31/16, This Halloween Night

Halloween. This time, a little cold, wet, and quiet.

This night on a Monday, with a little misty rain above. The prior weekend held plenty of spooky festivities, so there was plenty time to enjoy live the spirit ahead of the day. Today is good enough for brave and venturous trick or treaters. For all else, the night is best spent indoors, watching a fitting movie of the horror and/or suspense genre.

Here’s a personal favorite, underrated classic for anyone staying up late on any cold, quiet spooky night. Theater of Blood, starring Vincent Price as an overly passionate Shakespearean actor, planning fatal revenge on his naysaying critics. Diana Rigg co-stars. Here is the whole film:


– Orion T

Picture of Today 10/30/16, Needle in Fog..

Late night walk through the mist on this Sunday night by Seattle’s Space Needle. All is quiet now, after a very busy weekend. I must go home and rest. Good night Seattle!

– Orion T

Picture of Today 10/26/16, Rainy Nights..


This night, there is much rainfall covering the Seattle Emerald City…

For those caught in the downpour, I hope you were dressed in the appropriate water-repellent attire. For me, the umbrella is the most important for the rough nights. True, it is said that real Seattleites don’t carry umbrellas. But screw that especially this night, as I carry much groceries and electronics in thin bags and small pockets. I must have my umbrella. Also, I sometimes enjoy the pitter patter echo of raindrops above and around.

What really matters, is the appreciation of the rain to the Pacific Northwest. Such brings a lovely sparkly to the streets and a peaceful night (after reaching home).

– Orion T



Picture of Today 7/14/2016, The Late Ice..

When your drink is done and there is nothing left but the ice. You free a cube and put it down. Study and see what makes that melt. It’s the lovely time. Enjoy it for all it’s worth..
Orion T
Picture above take by me. With this and yesterday’s pic, I realize newer smartphones are awesome at capturing the details of small things. Try out yours if it’s at least 12mp, and fresh within recent years