Picture of Today 12/8/15, Spinning Bright

Photo Dec 06, 6 04 20 PM

I think heavy rain inspires me to mess with the settings on my camera. Here at Westlake Park in Downtown Seattle, I went for a new long exposure in the night. It was another wheel (see previous posting for the other wheel), but this time a little smaller with horses on it. Are there other big wheels for me to gaze upon in this Emerald City?

And for a bonus picture, here is the full stop. The rain kept going.

Photo Dec 06, 6 02 24 PM

Orion T

Picture of Today 12/5/14


Sadly, my usual DSLR camera remains broken. Yet, here I am alone on the roof and I need to share this moment.

The clouds are moving fast, teasing the Moon and its piercing light; entertaining us who stand on rooftops in the night. It’s near full, this Moon (waxing gibbous) So, being stubborn in my moment, I capture with the little phone thing in my pocket (and slight editing later).  I hope you will love this moment with me, in every low-resolution detail.