Welcome this New Year, 2023

Happy New Year all!!

Sorry, I am not truly punctual with this timing. 2022 was a helluva year for me, and some of that is seeping through this fresh 2023 year.

But not alone lately, as my great time felt plentiful yet mixed with others in a flurry of cheers and goofy moments, close around and through social networks. These times are worthwhile, but time management with what’s left to me is difficult.

2023 will be an interesting year for me. A new job starts soon, with a company I worked through the Fall, doing a mix of project management, coding, design, and admin assist duties. Exciting stuff, especially for a management team that truly listens, appreciates practical thinking, and utilizes my best skills while keeping my brain challenged. Unfortunately, not much I can share here. But the work brings back my skills and love for Javascript coding and the use of Adobe InDesign. Much of that will carry into some personal projects that I will delve more into soon.

That ties into a huge side endeavor I’ve been sporadically building, simply titled Stranger Worlds. This is set on a long road with ambitious goals, sharing a love for (and promoting) indie creativity in genre art and literature. I will share more when details, planning, and funding are a bit more solid. I will occasionally do more as Traveling Orion, as I still have exciting adventures and much to tell. And, I do have some exciting adventures to share!

But for now, I am typing with oily fingers while eating the greasiest pizza ever, in the midst of a layover at the San Francisco airport. My laptop has some strange lag issues. Every sentence is a bit sluggish. But, this is my only chance for a while to reach out, before I return to Seattle. Then, I must catch up and move forward with 2023!

I am very excited and will share more soon. In the meantime, I hope 2023 will be a great and exciting year for you too.

– Orion T