Still working much,

…And dealing with difficult transitions. Hoping next week, to work less and find a new place of solitude. Then, more writing and sharing of things.

I look forward, with much wanting to express. This includes more thoughts on short term travel, creativity, ideas, observations, experiments;  all trapped inside my head waiting to escape through my typing fingers. I still need a good place and time to sit down, and then release!

I hope those following my blog and matching Facebook page will stick around. Also, I will soon peek and see your latest sharings. Many “likes” and occasional comments will happen. Thanks again to all, for the patience in waiting.

My instagramed picture below is taken from Mama’s Kitchen, Seattle’s oldest Mexican food restaurant (38 years). If nearby in the Belltown district, try one of their comically huge burritos soon!

photo by Orion Tippens (cellphone)

Out for a bit…

cellphone photo by Orion Tippens

Crazy transition for me..

This describes, a sudden turn of personal happenings. These involve the balancing of two jobs, moving, car repairs, and the planning of another summer adventure. All, leading to better quality time for myself and my passions. For this to work out, it is important to not overexert oneself. Time management will become an art, I think. So for now and the next two weeks, excessive writings are on hold.

I will still try and post a few good things, provided spare time is possible between the busy schedulings.

For those who followed my blog, “liked” my Facebook Page, enjoyed my writings and pictures: thank you all from my heart. I value and appreciate your time and chances give to my writings, photos, and thoughts. Your “likes,” reblogs, comments, and support mean a lot to me and motivate me to push on more. However, sorry for just a little longer; I will lack in the sharing of thoughts, interested, cool visitations. I promise after my time back to one job and find a stable place to live and write, I will dedicate more time to this blog and my shared passions. And, the time spent will be better.

Also, I have another idea in mind for Traveling Orion. Some thing, this blog will lead to in time, for which I am excited. This mysterious concept, I have wanted to do for a long time since my high school days. This will be a series, for which I hope to expand in good time and will involve more traveling as the idea grows. It’s all kind of vague, but trust me; the idea will be awesome and worth your following. More on that, hopefully kicked off before the end of May.

The picture above was taken this morning; a moment in this year’s Color Run 5K marathon event passing through Seattle’s Belltown district. The run is one of many throughout the nation. The idea is to wear white, and finish at the end with colors sprayed over the collected selves to celebrate the spreading of happiness or something. I wish I could take time out to witness that. Maybe next year or another city..

The wonder full International Fountain of Seattle

photo by Orion Tippens

In Seattle, you can find rain on the sunniest of days.

Visit the International Water Fountain near the great Space Needle! It’s got a nice surrounding lawn, relaxing classical music, and some fantastic art museums nearby. The fountain itself is an everlasting, constantly changing work of awesome.

For more info on this grand fountain, here are the specs from the official Seattle Center online page:

  • Built: Originally in 1961 for 1962 World’s Fair 
  • Replaced & rebuilt: 1995
  • Landscape Architect: Kenichi Nakano & Associates
  • Mechanical Designer: WET Design
  • Diameter of bowl: 220’
  • Height & width of dome: 10’ tall & 27’ wide
  • Water Capacity: 9,000 gallons
  • Water Shooters: 137 total mist nozzles
  • 77 fleur-de-lis’
  • 56 microshooters
  • 4 Super Shooters
  • Height reached by Super Shooters: 120’
  • Water in one Super Shooter: 66 gallons
  • Air pressure in one Super Shooter shot: 120 psi
  • Number of water programs synchronized to music: 5
  • Welcome to Seattle Center Show, Aaron Copeland’s ‘Billy the Kid,’ Duke Ellington, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, and a mix from Northwest Rock ‘n Roll legends. 
  • Time of shows: up to 12 minutes

Touch the center if you dare..

photo by Orion Tippens

photo by Orion Tippens

photo by Orion Tippens

photo by Orion Tippens

Seattle May Day yesterday..

May Day is an interesting day for this great Seattle city.

In the past, the day seemed worldly focused more on festivities, associated with some kind of pole. Now and especially in Seattle, May 1 is part of the International Workers’ Day movement. So, there are big massive public gatherings of protest and solidarity. In most, the participant organize well with much shouting and marching with a focus on worker and human rights. However last year, the city had its troubled incidents involving the Black Bloc anarchist group, the Seattle Police Department and a local famous superhero.

Yesterday, I took an errand-filled evening walk on this bright and sunny day, almost forgetting the May 1st significance. Then, I heard the chanting and cheering. Streets closed, and a march through the downtown city streets happened. All seemed to move well, as I joined with curious intent.

For 2013, the majority issue was on immigration rights and reform. For this particular portion, the atmosphere was positive and feel good. I listened to the loud voices, chanting with the American flags waving and large signs held high. Not all was agreeable, some messages were unclear. Overall, I felt reassured and positive for this society where peaceful gatherings are allowed, encouraged, and attended with many participants.

Also noticeable, were the large number of people snapping and recording visuals. Many will spread online, especially to the great social networks where the message will go global and observed with inspiration. Also, much police stood aside and ready; keeping the peace as they should. Other places and times nearby not so much, as violence broke out and questionable tactics happened, ending with 17 arrests, 8 police officers reported injured.

Here below, are my low-res phone pics on the lighter side of Seattle’s May Day 2013.

photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens photo by Orion Tippens