Lending my eyes for a moment..

Howard Hill Studios

Finally, the monorail is here..

And I was thinking just that, holding still in this grand city of Seattle. I stood on a high concrete platform in the chilly weather, waiting with my arm raised up.

At least 5 minutes, I recall.

The building to my right is the Experience Music Project (E.M.P) and Science Fiction Museum. To my left and VERY close is the great Space Needle tower. The moment between them is worthwhile, but more-so for a faraway friend.

I did not shoot this picture, yet I was holding the “camera,”  lens through my smartphone.The shot was remotely capped by Howard Hill, my friend from 1300 miles (1800 km) away in the Los Angeles area. The shot occurred around noon during a lengthy Skype video chat, at a spontaneous moment within a long walk. All, a leisurely walk turned tour through the local area I currently live, a fun alternative to our traditional face chats in those boring enclosed spaces

I think, what a great concept this is.

Show your distant friends around the streets and expose them to your familiar life and adventures. A video chat within a walk can be exciting and fun, and enhance one’s view of the world beyond  familiar boundaries. The live commentary, and sudden directions from afar could also turn the familiar feet to expose new sights and discoveries.

Here below, is a another remote shot by Howard exhibiting the rising of Seattle’s Belltown area, from the roof of my apartment building. Behind me, is the Space Needle and the Queen Anne area, which follows in another shot at the end of this write-up.


Howard applies the new modern communications to his own fantastic passion for photography. He uses the Skype software, with his own sharp eye to remotely capture and apply his own filters and style. Howard currently networks places of interest around the world, finding new subjects to feature (many of them are also models).

See more and follow Howard’s fantastic work on his own blog here –  howardhillstudio.wordpress.com/.

Howard Hill Studios

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Our Time with the Doctor…

Doctor Who

I shot this yesterday using my favorite kitchentop decoration. Waking up today, this pic has grown on me, at least for the colors. So, I thought again, maybe for those not yet tired of the Doctor Who…

50 years yesterday (1963), did this strange show called Doctor Who air on UK television. And ever since, this science fiction series engrained itself in pop-culture, slowly rising from children’s programming to the current hardcore geekfest. Who would have thought? The adventures about an odd traveling man of time, often companioned by a young lady friend, who with his transport of an old British police box (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) could journey through the strangest of worlds, escape terror beyond imaginations, meet the most interesting friends?

Here is a quote by famed writer Harlan Ellison on Doctor Who, from an introduction in book DW novelizations in the late 70s:

“Star Wars is adolescent nonsense; Close Encounters is obscurantist drivel; Star Trek can turn your brains to purée of bat guano; and the greatest science fiction series of all time is Doctor Who! And I’ll take you all on, one-by-one or all in a bunch to back it up!

Such interaction would be fun to watch, as Harlan does not hold back on his profanity. Also, his Star Trek anger is probably personal (perhaps the sure contender, since the other two were then not serialized for television) with his anger an episode he originally penned.

Doctor Who the greatest? I never thought of it. I like them both. I think Doctor Who is the greatest science fiction series of recent time.

Scattered Fall..


Every weather season holds wondrous splendor, especially this Fall for the great Seattle city.

After the periodic rough winds and sporadic showers, walk into the biting cold and see for yourself. Ignore the expanse of construction and busy commute hustles, and appreciate the best, fresh signs of natural change.

Here, the fallen leaves of many trees scatter throughout the Emerald City. In some clusters, the concrete loses its dominance. Curbsides are confused as division becomes lost in the rivers of greens and browns and reds and yellows. Benches and tables become hosts to new fallen travelers. We invite those on the ground to stay with every step, kicking others to the next for moments longer.

Here above and below, is a special concrete open spot near the Space Needle before a statue of Chief Seattle. Around is the convergence of 5th, Cedar, and Denny streets with the near overhead tramway connecting the Seattle Center (and Needle above) to the Westlake Center of Downtown. Also, the best spot for an afternoon munch, at the 5 Point Café (happy hour 4-6 weekdays).

Also a sometimes resting place for leaves..


Overall, peaceful for busy Seattle life. The leaves are a special touch and reminder of the best appreciation for passing in the Fall. Never mind the nightfall now approaching 4pm time (sunsets are still killer) and a distraction from the moving gray skies  Just enjoy the leaves when here, at least before the street cleaners spoil the fun.

photo (4)

Enjoy, and appreciate this natural cycle of nature. Or even better, walk around and explore what changed. I hear Pioneer Square is amazing, as I will eventually venture to on a promised morning. I wonder about certain favorite places in this grand area, thinking of a good time for a visit to Kobe Terrace in the near future. Here below, is the walkway through the Seattle Center near the great Needle on a recent day of blue skies above.

photo (5)

All pictures taken and posted by Orion Tippens, for travelingorion.wordpress.com.