Picture of Today 2/24/16, the Dark Night Rises

A long exposure for a long night. Rain is happening and I must go.

The shot is from the upper Pier 66 platform, towards Seattle’s Great Wheel and Century Link Stadium. 

Sweet dreams..

– Orion T

Picture of Today 2/21/16, Full Beast Moon

A wild Full Moon suddenly appears!

Lucky I had my trusty (yet damaged from a recent drop) camera handy to capture it. I managed to get a little of that early yellow, though the sky was much brighter than pictured. I had experiment much to get this right with no tripod. And here we are, with the Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch doing a photobomb. 

-Orion T

Picture of Today 2/16/16, the Kitty Ride 

The South Lake Union got some silly cute deco over it’s cover now..

With Hello Kitty pimped all over, the short ride from downtown Seattle to South Lake Union (and Amazon HQ), wants to inform you of the EMP (Experience Music Project) museum’s latest exhibit. I assume it has something to do with the decades long Sanrio company franchise. It’s amusing to suddenly notice after a hard days work. Maybe we all need a little Hello Kitty in our difficult lives. 

Orion T

Picture of Today 2/14/16, Valentine’s Day Madness

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And, another wacky day for cool stores to have fun with their products towards. Here at the Uwajimaya grocery market in Seattle’s International District, you can buy a lot of Pocky to share. Pocky is an import snack from Japan that’s been around a while, featuring flavored or coated crispy breadsticks. There’s almost countless flavors and similar brands out there at different times. Strawberry and chocolate are common. Chocolate and banana are the most recent I enjoyed. The most I loved too much within recent years are the grape, pineapple, and cookies and cream flavors.


Orion T

Picture of Today 2/9/16, Rest at Sunset..

Photo Feb 09, 5 07 19 PM

Over yonder to the Harbor island area of Seattle’s south industrial ports..

The mechanical beasts are finally rested after another productive day. The beautiful sky during sundown was a nice spiritual bonus..

– Orion T




Picture of Today 2/7/16, the Winter Wonder of Mt. Rainer..


Along the 90 freeway to Bellevue over Lake Washington, earlier today…

In the distance, I see Mount Rainier with more snow upon than last year. It’s a beautiful sight, as its surroundings from the passenge seat I sit to the peaks yonder, astound and delight. I love especially how the top seems hidden, leaving little mystery to those who dare imagine the nesting dragons above.

Orion T

Picture of Today 2/5/16, To the Light

Just a light outside home, from a long walk in the pouring rain.

The downpour nearly ends, just as I approach the front door. It was then I look up, for what caught my attention. I was drawn to the light. So was the tree nearby. And, the tiny little drops on its little twiggy branches are drawn to the light. They will stay for much the night, adding sparkle.  You just have to notice it all, and be drawn yourself.

– Orion T