Pictures of Tonight 6/30/15, Jupiter and Venus dance together


Jupiter and Venus shine together!

Jupiter is higher, Venus is brighter. Both were much closer earlier to each other overlapping, which I missed. Now they part further, and soon behind the hills..

I’m glad I saw this, and got them over Elliot Bay. I also tried with my 300mm zoom lens..

Orion T

Pictures of Today 6/28/15, Pride of Seattle…

Today, was a beautiful day..  

Because, any day with a parade is just that. But more so to this, the 2015 Seattle Pride Parade, part of the annual celebration of LGBT pride festivities here, and in other cities. And to enjoy, one doesn’t necessarily be a direct part of that community..but celebrate their inclusion and contributions into modern society and see forth important issues that relate. Much is done in good, fun entertainment; as represented by many groups, businesses, institutions, public services, churches, non-profits, and corporations, clubs and more. 

For the parade there displayed some extra cheer, in light of the recent US Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage across the nation. For local Seattle, this was also a further celebration of its own empowered gay communities, as such is well known throughout. For me, it was just good fun enjoying the colorful displays with fun people sharing what makes their happiness and strengtens the love in their lives.

Here are some pictures. I took..


Orion T

Honk! Fest West 2015 weekend fun at Gas Works Park..


After the Solstice Parade last Saturday (see last entry), I enjoyed some evening jams at Gasworks Park.

I give huge thanks to the 2015 Honk!Fest musical happening, featuring a variety of big band ensembles. All free, yet donor and volunteer backed.

Above pics are of the (EDIT: I learned the above band is actually  The Extraordinary Rendition Band from Providence, Rhode Island…oops.)

Below, are pics on the Junkadelic Brass Band from Perth Australia.. 



– Orion T

2015 Solstice Parade fun in Fremont

Happy Solstice!

Spring ends, with the summer now fresh. For Seattle area folk, many flock north to the Fremont district. Here was the street fair, a musical HonkFest festival, the naked bike ride, and this awesome parade. The Solstice Parade is all volunteer powered, with no assistance by corporate entities. The passing display exhibitions of large are all human powered with no fuel or electricity used in the propelling forward. Environmentalism and social issues remain constant themes for multiple parade groups. In addition, it’s also good fun with music and dancing. Donations are collected at the end, to help ensure this annual tradition continues.

Here below, are some pics for you…


  – Orion T  

Pictures of Today 6/19/15, Little Park Friends

I love birds, as I am considering a new hobby in ornithology.

This moment is my third time seeing the white-capped sparrow on the same tree in Denny Park, in Seattle. You may see them upon the center trees there, singing often, then fluttering away quickly when noticed. This time I sneaked a pic with some evening sunlight, for awesome effect.

Also in the same park, but during the morning on the way to work.. I noticed my ol friend, Sam Squirrel; hidden beneath, probably on some important mission. Good Luck Sam!!


Orion T

Recent Adventures on Whidbey Island, Coupeville Wharf


Coupeville is a nice small town, to the north on Whidbey Island (Washington State). It’s got a small wharf, where local people smile a lot and appreciate their pleasant surroundings.

I was here for about half an hour, on a break in a long quest to find a blue heron rookery for a friend (long story). I wandered for a short bit, taking in the serene surroundings.

Here are some pics of that time…


I hope to come back someday, and stay longer.

– Orion T  

Meanwhile, at a small wildlife santuary..

Big birds!

Here are two pictures shot from a recent stop in Bothell, Washington (north of Seattle). I, and friends birdwatched through a dense and swampy wildlife sanctuary near the Kenmore Park and Ride bus Station.

Here we have: a bald eagle (above), and some blue herons in a nest (below).

Orion T

Picture of Today 6/13/15, Descending Sparrow


I believe this is a White-Crowned Sparrow. I observed it chirping high on a small tree in a local Seattle park. 

No filter, no edit spur of the moment shot by me. I really like this particular still. 
– Orion T

Picture of Today 6/12/15, the Consealed Seal

A small seal I saw, off the shores of the Seattle city. 

I knew those slippery mammals were out there in the Eliot Bay waters, but rarely ever see one. This sighting was near the rocks at Myrtle Edwards park.

And, I think it saw me. It quickly ducked below the water after this quick pic. The Seattle seals seem to be a shy sort, or perhaps they also have that Seattle Freeze attitude..

When Seagulls Attack..

Seagulls can be intense..

Especially towards each other, like in the following situation. What appeared to be one gull capturing a small bit of grass or something in its beak led to some escalation. Another gull apparently tried to take that away, as other birds cheered (or acted as referees). It was hard to tell what was really going on, as I am not much of an ornithologist. Still, interesting to observe…


Orion T

Pictures of Today 6/6/15, Midnight Moon


 Shortly after Midnight, last night..

The Moon began as larger and yellowish on the horizon, from around yesterday at 11:40pm, huge but not quite full (waning). I just boarded the Washington State Ferry on Bainbridge Island, alone and bound for my trip back home in Seattle. The night air was warm, but staining wind from the slow trip out (from the moving boat or the night air, I could not tell).

So eventually after some texting, I reached for my camera and lens. I grumbled at the the sudden forgetting of my 300mm capable zoom lens during the start of my trip. Oh well, I have my small 50mm to work with, and a very rocky boat with winds outside. The trick to all this, is to simply enjoy the view and recognize the outside atmosphere as quiet and beautiful, for my next stop will be the Downtwon area..where construction noise and the occasionally smell of piss around the dock area will eventually disturb my senses. 

The trip was about 40 minutes, and here are some pictures I took for you..


 Orion T

The Full Bloom Selfie 

Just a shot with my favorite little lens, the EF 50 mm for my Canon Rebel. I love it for the focus on the small details, and a challenge to use. The Seattle Space Needle was kind of unintentional in an earlier try, but looked again and thought…okay. I will get the structure in, but this beautiful flower is still the star of the show.  

Picture of Yesterday 5/31/15, Needle the Moon


I love a good Moon on a partly cloudy night, especially when it passes above some unusual architecture. 

I took this spontaneous shot through the very top of the Space Needle last night.  Good thing, I had my camera and zoom lens on me.