Picture of Today 3/29/15, Geekin Out

Wow, loved the colour and fun of this past weekend.

I geeked out at the annual Emerald City Comic Con, just happening in the downtown convention center. I had a blast, with heavy interaction among the creative minds, alternative pop culture enthusiests, nostalgia collectors, and dedicated gamers. But now, I am tired out as excitement on these higher levels can push limits. I have some good pics coming, covering multiple aspects of this event. I will post them in the near future, so look forward! 

The pic above, was of a final impromptu event outside the event in the back park area, among fellow attendees. The D20 Brass Band performed, playing some tunes familiar to the classic video game fans (including myself). Moments including this by fans and for fans, add much reason to why I love to attend these gatherings. 

Good times!

Pictures of Days 3/21-3/26/15, Of Recent Randoms

Here below are some observations, in the great Seattle city. All were captured with my camera that barely works now.

High in the sky before the Key Arena entrance..

Noticed a little timey wimey stuck with a little icky sticky. By the way, today (March 26th) marks the 10th anniversary of the day Doctor Who new revival run began, initially starring Christopher Eccleston. He was a fantastic Doctor..

Singin the rain. Here is Hobbit and Hare, a wonderful Pike Market street performer duo..

Wow, look at these mushrooms (Pike Place Market)..

Gotta heart the Seattle spirit, as someone took time and effort for to bring smiles to those looking down..

Back in Post Alley, one could get lost in art.

In Fremont, I took a friend of mine to make friends with a troll. 

The colorful interior basement of the Narwhal, underneath the Unicorn Bar..

Back in Capitol Hill, on Pike Street and 11th.. 

After the rains..


A bird enjoying a small meal, I think. 


Sakura Spring Fallings, Part 2

See this amazing world within, hidden from the outside troubles and turmoil. Find this little place, as the reward itself is a peaceful escape for the mind and soul.

This little world, is within the Kobe Terrace Park of Seattle’s International District. All its cherry trees, are aside concrete pathways, zig-zagged upon a hillside. The time is often quiet, if one can exclude the noisy rumble of the nearby freeway and downtown city highlife. Then but infrequent, the light rain accelerates the petals of the cherry blossom trees to fall. When under the dense cover of these trees, one can focus on the gentle sound of the raindrops. And with increased rainfall, more white petals fall in very slow and graceful descent.

The result, is wonderous. 




Sakura Spring Fallings, Part 1


Here are my pics, of fallen blossoms from nearby Sakura (Cherry) trees in a parking lot.

I found these accidently, somewhat lost on my way to a bustop in Redmond. The surrounding area is an extension of the Microsoft Headquarters, much larger than I thought. The air was quiet, with birds chirping in the distance. The rain felt light, yet constant for the time. If standing still, one can peacefully observe the newly loosened white petals in graceful descent. The wetness below ensured the stickness of the fallen petals, adding to the surrounding beauty.

A side note.. When encountering the blossoms in clusters below your feet, be careful when stepping over. The wetness combined with the silky nature of the petals, make them slippery to walk upon. I turned a corner and lost my balance. I recovered quick, picking many blossoms off my clothes. The concrete below is hard, and not a good feeling for sudden contact.

Enjoy these pics below. There will be more from a different place, soon.




Pictures of Today 3/20/15, Hello Spring..

Today is almost done, and what a day it was!

Tis the first day of Spring, and very wet. In the Seattle and surrounding areas, there was light on/off rain. Very pleasant to walk through, especially throughout my paths. Here below, are some moments with notes..

Within a downtown park by the Washington Convention Center, a favorite little tree stands. Here, the petals seem very relaxed in the rain.

And the petals, I think enjoy this rain as much as I. Let em drop..

Much later, I journeyed far to the city of Redmond for a short research gig at Microsoft’s main headquarters. A nice busy place, but what got my attention for the longest was this little bird outside. That was a very chirpy fellow, but also not letting me too close for the more detailed shot.

And then, after a long walk and briefly ending up lost. I found myself in a parking lot of scattered sakura blossom petals. There is seriously a lot to take in, and a little dangerous. More on this, tomorrow..

Finally, back in Downtown Seattle. Here is another pretty tree in the rain.

Up close and personal..

Later, I took a pit stop at the Kobe Terrace Park at the International District. When last here, there was little on the ground. I said I would be back to see them fallen, in an earlier post last weekend. Now…

More on this tomorrow, or the next day..or whenever I get around to it. But soon, I promise.

Picture of Today 3/19/15, Dragon see

Spotted a dragon in Seattle today!

This one played around by the Uwajimya Asian and Gift Supermarket, next to the parking lot. I saw another of its kind up another pole, two blocks away at the Historic Chinatown Gate. How many dragons are in the International District? I’ll keep a look out. There may be more..

Over the Weekend: Never Enough Blossoms

Photo Mar 13, 2 49 00 PM

Ah..another lovely weekend past, to enjoy while it lasts.

From what I hear, these many early blooming Cherry Blossom trees throughout the Seattle are almost at their peak. By the end of April, I think their pedaled spender will be a pleasant memory, until next year. I lived in Seattle for a few years now, and this is the best I have seen of them. I think the reason is the lacking of shaky weather, so far in 2015.

The pictures above and below, are from the Kobe Terrace Park (and adjacent community garden), near the very noisy 5 freeway in the International District of Seattle. The white Cherry Tree blossoms are mostly in the park itself (high on a hill overlooking the areas south of the Downtown area), a nice place to rest and relax. I  recommend headphones emitting soft music, to cancel out the near freeway noise. The green and white trees with other shrubbery, are in the Danny Woo Community Gardens next door (a crooked pathway down from the park).

Enjoy these pics below. I hope to return here when the blossoms shed. That will be a sight.

Photo Mar 13, 2 53 35 PM (1) Photo Mar 13, 2 49 00 PM Photo Mar 13, 2 47 06 PM Photo Mar 13, 2 43 43 PM Photo Mar 13, 2 42 28 PM

Photo Mar 13, 2 57 03 PM Photo Mar 13, 2 56 41 PM Photo Mar 13, 2 59 01 PM Photo Mar 13, 2 59 35 PM (1)

Photo Mar 13, 2 39 30 PM Photo Mar 13, 2 57 44 PM

Picture of Today 3/14/15, DeLorean Delights

Today at the nearby Seattle Center by the great Needle, I came across these timeless vehicular beauties.

These original DeLorean DMC-12 vehicles, with its design very familiar to those Back to the Future movie fans; parked together for public appreciation. The rear engine, the stainless steel armor, the roomy interior, winged doors, and the design sleek enough for time travel; all part of the fantastic charm that makes the DeLorean very widely appreciated.

These Deloreans were brought into view by the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club (pndc.org). I thank them very much for sharing of these marvels. I wish I could have seem them all drive through the streets of Seattle. I have seen these parked at various car shows and conventions, but never in motion. Still, I feel lucky to witness this rarity once more (approximately 9000 made), but now times five together.

Here below are some pictures. You may notice some movie references..


 The Saucer Magnolia of Seattle

Over the weekend, my eyes fixated upon a magnificent tree with its colorful blooms..

That tree is the Magnolia Soulangeana, or the Saucer Magnolia. This blooming magnificently and stands alone at the Seattle Center (the park area of the Space Needle). You’ll find it a little north to the great International Fountian. This is a tree of multidimensional beauty. From far away and in early spring/late winter, you may gaze upon its’s large blooming flowers of an outside purple edge, shifting to pink and whites. Inside, the petals are white. Upon the ground, they fall to create a surreal, colorful scatter. 

Thanks to the wonderful management of the Seattle Center, I learned of this tree. I was told there colors and changes are a natural evolvement. I felt there had to be more, so I looked up more info..

From Wikipedia..

“Magnolia × soulangeana was initially bred by French plantsman Étienne Soulange-Bodin (1774–1846), a retired cavalry officer in Napoleon’s army, at his château de Fromont near Paris. He crossed Magnolia denudata with M. liliiflora in 1820, and was impressed with the resulting progeny’s first precocious flowering in 1826.[3][4]

From France, the hybrid quickly entered cultivation in England and other parts of Europe, and also North America. Since then, plant breeders in many countries have continued to develop this magnolia, and over a hundred named horticultural varieties (cultivars) are now known.”

Below, we have more, with fallings showing both sides to the loosed petals. In the last pics, are bonus Azaleas.

Picture of Today 3/8/15, Time out for Player 1

Oh, how time has changed, to one hour forward. That means more light to enjoy on a lazy Sunday, and more to come afterwards.

We here also got warmer weather, to the point of leaving sweaters and heavy coats back in the closets (for sure in Seattle). This also meant no mud or water puddles upon the local grassy knolls. So, I lied down upon one and stared up.

Then, I ran around for a bit. Wha..hoo!

Picture of Today 3/5/15, the Worm Moon

Tonight, we have the Full Moon special. 

This particular moon today is known to some as the Mini Moon, as it appears somewhat smaller. Though smaller by the naked eye, the light flashed a quite illuminative cascade across the night sky. This moon is also known to the Algonquin Native Americans of the New England area as the Worm Moon, as the ground softens for the worms in the coming Spring season (or the Sap Moon, as maple trees also begin to sappen). 

For my time on the room tonight, this is just the Full Moon, doing what it does best.

Picture of Today 3/2/15, Transitional Sights..

Ah, another day so close to Spring.  

See, as the trees are bloom a bit more, but still mostly naked. Can you guess how cold it was by looking at the picture? It was in the upper 40 degrees with cold wind chills. Earlier, a variety of clouds crossed the sky, after the very puffy blanket covers of this morning. Before the Noon, the sun shines brighter than all the days of the last weeks. Then, the blue sky took over until the daylight’s end. Eventually, I took a little time by the great Space Needle, and sat by a cherry tree looking up.. 

How thankful I am, to gaze through this particular tree..

Picture of Today 3/1/15, to Live Long and Prosper..

Yes, that is an original outfit worn by Leonard Nimoy, as Spock – science officer to the USS Enterprise. It was on display at the entrance to the open public, this weekend at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

As many of you already know, the actor behind the ears passed away days ago. While Nimoy is best known for playing that character through many years, it’s important to know hE was also a director, a musician, an artist, a voice actor, a writer, a poet, and much more. His experiences and well roundedness contributed to the building of our Vulcan friend. Spock’s “fascinating” view of humanity from the outside was a character trait brought forth by Nimoy after advice from another (detailed from the excellent “These Are the Voyages” first book by Marc Cushman). The humanistic yet logical demeanor Nimoy brought to his character helped bring realism and seriousness to the science fiction genre.

For me, the character of Spock through Nimoy influenced my development over the decades. Through repeat viewings of Star Trek, I often admired his Vulcan logic to solve troubling dilemmas. To consider both sides of an argument, and use the most intelligent, non-violent to find the best answers. His subtle humor, and observations of human behavior, and philosophical exchanges contribute to the intelligent commentary that was often Star Trek.  Nimoy’s development and dedication to the character lasted through books, movies, cartoons..and his own reflections in interviews and autobiographical accounts. 

And to his soul “being the most human,” here is a poem Nimoy posted on Twitter, one week ago..

Thank you Leonard Nimoy.. your contributions to the betterment of humanity will live long and prosper.