About Me



I am Orion T, or Traveling Orion around here…

I write. I travel locally. I love creative work.

This is my personal blog.

I love to write and share. I love information gathering and discovery. This includes digging for interviews, photographs, research, material review, exploring convention floors, investigating large gathering, comparing opinions, getting quotes, traveling local and abroad, conversations with random people, visiting unusual places, discovering new inspirations, investigating alternative cultures, and much more.

My past attributes, of which I am proud..

  • Published for over a decade, hundreds of articles on various subjects through printed and digital publications. This includes multiple interviews and profiles of interesting people, groups, places. My constant coverings of convention and trade show gatherings with much amateur photography and some video work. I also held a local history column for a year, enjoyed the heavy research and hunt for lost information. 
  • Still an active participant and supporter of “geek” culture, or that involving anything that explores and brings out raw imagination. The best of that I think lies in comic books, then everything else. Such outlets include regular books, movies, TV shows, interactive games (or video games), collectibles and meshings of these.
  • Being an active reader and commentary on news, politics, history, opinions, and more. In the past, I have withheld much from the public, saving much of it in private networks. I will be sharing more of that through public writings soon.
  • I traveled much through the western United States region, especially the California coastline. I have spent some time in Portland and now residing in Seattle, constantly looking to explore the surrounding areas. Over the last few years; I have traveled, camped and hostel-hopped while conversing with many international travelers.
  • I was heavily involved in the distribution of printed literature. This includes my 8 years working in comic stores and my 6 years working as an on-call library assistant.
  • I experimented heavily with many online services, social networks, and blogs. Some of my more successful and enjoyed ventures include my participation on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Linkedin.

My latest goals involve more social network experimentation, serious explorations in more freelance writing, magazine production, and fiction writing. I hope I can make time for more.

– O


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Orion I enjoy your pictures and comments! Have given your fb details to my godson and nephew Johan Eksteen . He is working as Microsoft’ Africa systems Manager and very often in the Emerald City. He liked the cherry blossoms on their campus!
    Greetings from the farm ! Christien


  2. Is very nice meeting you Orion you’re a very active mind that’s great! Your Blog is very interesting. People here on WP Community says that I am a multi talented (I say that’s just being me) because I love to express my creativity in many different ways and not just focus on one side of me! I always loved to experiment and evolve with my Art since I was a kid. My Blog is my window open to the world, my showroom open door of what I like to do and create beside my Jewelry Design, (I create unique ooak and limited edition jewelry inspired by nature. I love Photography, Digital Art, Watercolors Painting, Illustration, Poetry and more! 😉


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