Feathered Friends..

Birds, by Orion Tippens

A picture for today, from the south Puget Sound in Washington State. It’s not quite the morning, more of the noon as the low marine layer fog remains present for much of the day.

The birds, I have no idea on specifics. Their domain is a small platform surrounded by the water, marked many times by the feathered flyers around.

This shot, from the local ferry boat transit from the Fauntleroy, West Seattle Terminal to the Southworth Terminal, with Vashon Island as a stop in-between. I on some extra work for the ferry involving the collection of travel surveys, going back and forth for much of the day. I can’t recall which terminal was near, or what land is underneath that fog. I was very busy with the work, and enjoying the foggy exterior for that it was, not as much where.

And, I love photographing birds.

Life below your feet..

Starfish below

Starfish, through the clear waters below the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal pier in far West Seattle area. I notice by surprise, and quite huge, very blue or purple. Just look over the edge where the pier splits, and under the clear water on a quiet day. You may see them too.

I’m told these are purple according to some later research (I am a little color blind). Possibly these are pisaster ochraceus, or the Ochre sea star, also known as the Purple sea star.

I stare at the starfish while waiting for my transport to Vashon island. I see starfish as lazy creatures, with no patience because they wait for nothing. Here, they are likely safe from predators, meddling humans and their troublesome transports. I find amazing how their little underside can clench to almost anything that humans would find a struggling inconvenience. They simply stay, with no regard to gravity or the rising angles. In freedom, their habitat is grand, and most enjoyable for their brief 3-5 year lifespan. I imagine to be a starfish is like a day in the park, for the rest of your life.

Meanwhile, a morning of nothing else but the calm waters of Puget Sound’s Salish Sea. Then, back to the starfish. They now share a space with a lone friend, a crab. I never seen one cling to a pier like this. I can understand the ability of starfish, but how does the crab stay? See, at the water line..


I think again, what else am I missing out there and so near? Here below, holds much company within Washington State’s massive Puget Sound. I know further north to the San Juan Islands, orca killer whales are often seen. Someday, I am saving for special with a good zoom lens and proper time to see these wonderful creatures rise. I also hear of octopi and seals below these same waters. I have seen plenty of seals from my life most along the California Coast. But for the octopi, I wish to someday personally observe in their natural habitat. Somewhere out there, far below.

Puget Sound, Salish Sea