Picture of Today – Fire Cherries


Not really called fire cherries. I just named them that.

The sign nearby read Gilbert’s FINEST TREE RIPE SUGAR TESTED RAINER CHERRIES, $3.99 lb. These, sat with other higher end fruits and vegetables; deep within the center of Seattle’s Pike Market.

I had a sample of two fire cherries…most impressive.

Pictures of Today – the Unexpected Sunset


Walking home, looking up in the sky..

And then, I think cool colors as I look up. But maybe I’ve seen all the sunsets in Seattle. That did not stop me from admiring the entire scene. Just let it sink in, I thought. But suddenly, rain! Yet, the sun is still out, giving the Needle a nice red hue as seen in the next pic.

Then, I reach home as the rain pics up. And then, the sky more so lit up with surreal hue mixtures. I rushed to the roof. Sadly, I do not have my regular lens handy, so I had to take the last shot with my iPad camera (then using a reduce noise effect).

Also, there was lightning a few times while I was taking the shots in direction of the sunset. Sadly, I missed that capture but hope someone else snapped this. Otherwise, I think I could mistake the entire vision for a passing dream.



Picture of Today 7/12/14 – new lens!


Space Needle again!

And, I bought a new lens for cheap (Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II). Here, I am just trying it out with distant scenery (about 15 min. walking distance away).

Very impressed with detail and clarity. This is no zoom, just a 1/3 crop of the pic taken from a rooftop. The bad part about the lens is in the up-close shots; amazing but very narrow and fixed (will have to get far back for a full body). But I find the challenge of working with that, very exciting. I will experiment further using this lens, with more pics soon..