National Truthteller’s Day!

truth is out there

Today is National Truthteller’s Day!

This is a day founded on pure trust. This is a day we open our hearts and tell people the truth, especially about hard to believe things suddenly discovered. Many businesses and media outlets will do the same. Fascinating new products and scientific discoveries will be revealed, often things we have a hard time accepting. Excitement!

So, today is a good day to share. In return, we believe all statements with absolutely no question, and sort them out tomorrow. Honesty is super important on National Truthteller’s Day.

Yet, some of these statements might be false. This is also tradition and a test of our faith in the truth.. It’s important today, to believe these special statements. Because these lies are cleverly disguised facts. To deny a fact, is to close your mind. Believe all lies.

Do this for today. Spread this message to strengthen its full effect.

National Truthteller’s Day.

April 1, 2013.

For more on National Truthteller’s Day, click here.

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