From the great San Diego Comic Con


I have some cool pics posted on the comics journal site, These are first of many chosen by my friend, site host, and comics writer/industry insider: Mike Hansen. For that first set, click here.

I have much to say about this year’s Comic Con, the modern geek fandom, fellow creative spirits, sequential art and convention gathers in general. I also will share some personal pics (though not as good a camera as my earlier conventions this year), here with my own added commentary, and more will be shared on the All Day Comics site.

I am trying for soon..

2 thoughts on “From the great San Diego Comic Con

    • Thanks Rob. I will have more pics of the Comic CON coming here and on All Day Comics. But, I had a much better camera when I covered the Emerald City Con and the Sakura Con in Seattle. Check in my archives for them and my friends site, much more proud of them as far as photography goes. I checked your site too, very cool styles and presentations. Thanks for sharing!


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