Message in a Bottle..


Now recovering from surgery, and also bummed on some missed blogging days in pictures and stray thoughts. I had a good streak going..sigh.

But then for all that missing, I have this wonderful piece of therapeutic art (above) done by my soulful friend from afar, Laura Teoli (Twitter @lteoli), in a heartfelt response to this difficult situation. Such a thoughtful piece fills in what we could all use in a sudden time of difficulty; that message in a bottle. It could be art, or something else of positive vibes with a warm heart; because we can not always count on ourselves when dealing with terrible pain and uncertainty.

So..if you got a friend in a sudden woeful state, send over that metaphorical message in a bottle (which can also be an actual message in a bottle, there are no rules to this).

Meanwhile, I shall return to posting more pictures and random thoughts.

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