Picture of Today 5/7/15, Life Cycled..

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“Fish swim in the dizzying vortex of a trap. Tiny sacred diamond shapes swirl in circles that relate to the waters around them. This work commemorates a sacred expanse of water where great ancestral forces were brought to bear. In that water, one can find established laws, clan estates, and policies to govern language. Such ritual and visual patterns signal paths to take through life.” 

Buyku (2008) by Djirrirra Wunungmurra, an Australian Aboriginal artist,  Dhalwangu artist from Gurrumurru, near Yirrkala. This work was done using natural pigments on eucalyptus bark.

This shot is zoomed in from larger work, to show the detail I admire. This art was among other similar Aboriginal artworks with water themes on display, at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). This was my favorite exhibit of many, of which I highly recommend for visitors to the Downtown area. The rest of the museum is also worthwhile of your attention.

– Orion T

Special thanks to Wedgewood in Seattle History, for recommending a visit to a museum for the first Thursday this month; of which many have free admission at set times. I would have otherwise missed this at the end of my day, in my usual casual walk home. Also, special thanks to the Seattle Art Museum for the free admission from 5-9pm on the first Thursday, this month.

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