Picture of Today 10/21/15, To The Present


Here we are, Back To The Future!!

It’s the day I saw when I was a kid back in 1989, after anxiously in line for the awaited the sequel to the first Back to the Future movie. How excited I was, to not only join up again with Doc Brown and Marty McFly for another time traveling hijinx, but to take in new exciting vision of the future.

What an exciting day to look forward. Flying cars! Hoverboards! Instant Pizzas! Self lacing shoes! Cubs winning the World Series! Lawyers Abolished! Jaws 19!

Hardly anything we got right to this present day, but some kinda close and others incredibly distant. Still, here we are with somethings that would make even Doc Brown exclaim “Great Scott..” Smartphones! Facebook! Downloadable movies! Drones! Selfies! Wristband fitness monitors! Pumpkin Lattes!

I’m sure there’s more amazing things out there I haven’t thought of, and more to come. But it’s cool to see since 1989, that we have come to this point where a lot of past science fiction is now reality. 

Now, where did I put that sports alamanac?

Orion T

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