Favorite Lighthouses of the California Coast

I love lighthouses.

Lighthouses save lives. They symbolize hope. They are beautiful, simple in purpose and design. For California, these add points of adventure and excitement to its majestic coastline.

Here are five favorite California lighthouses. All still in operation, accessible on the outside at least.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Lighthouses of the California Coast

  1. Orion, I have always loved lighthouses! Did you know that every one has its own code of signals, eg three short and one long etc. There is an international agreement about the signals eg long signals in sequence means a reef if I remember correctly. Yachties have to get the codes of lighthouses they will pass, usually the local harbourmaster can supply them. Will send you some pictures of the ones close to Cape Town


    • Christein, I knew something of this from the many history rooms at these lighthouses, of which i visit multiple times. Fascinating stuff, especially about the life of the lighthouse keepers. The pictures above are the ones I personally took. I would love to post some pics of the Cape Town locations. But I would rather share your perspectives and pictures if you have them 😉


  2. Orion – I love lighthouses for many of the same reasons. I was born in California but became a Jersey girl when I was 12 (still a California girl in my heart). 🙂 Your pictures are gorgeous. New Jersey also has many beautiful lighthouses which I hope to capture with my digital camera some day. Good luck with your blog. I am new to the blogging world as well.


    • Thanks mithriluna! And cooool. I never thought Jersey to be a place of lighthouses. Someday, I hope to visit and check them out among other things. I also want to check out Maine for its lighthouses. I lived near the Cali coast most of my life, and still at heart there. Right now, I live in Seattle and loving it for other reasons. Please take some pictures of some lighthouses over there, and share some east coast love in your blogging 🙂


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