Star Trek, is that you?

Recently, the official international poster for the upcoming movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness became a happening thing. This is now everywhere, awaiting our gawks, to explore strange new wallets. I feel compelled to take part, so here we go:

Star Trek: Into Darkness Int poster

I look at this,  and I am reassured…

Don’t fuck with Star Trek.

Star Trek will come at you with guns, explosions, Matrix fashion sense. No more of that space exploration crap. Now It’s Die Hard .. on our planet, in the future. This is not your grandpa’s Star Trek. It may be your daddy’s Star Trek because that did have some action, explosions, cheesy villains on the big screen. However, this new presentation is bigger, wider directed, more smoke.


Also it seems, no more hailing frequencies crap for Uhura. She is now very serious with a gun. Also present is Spock, looking very logical while in inappropriate pose, with a gun. Kirk is also concerned, with a gun. We got the Sherlock guy as some badass, evil space terrorist. The ground is exploding, that’s not good. Where’s McCoy, my favorite crew member? He’s probably elsewhere, growling about his ex-wife, bones or something. I look forward to all of this, in 3-D.

Seriously, I am. I love action movies. I love science fiction. I love science fiction with action. This is one of many expectations delivered, but with a familiar franchise attached. It’s just sad, Star Trek won’t hang around for more fresh questions and intellectual dilemmas, as we explore the possible extent of our human destiny.

Star Trek is too busy for that now.

Look at this new International trailer. Hear the ominous horn repetitions. The situation is indeed, most dire. I think old Spock would say that.

2 thoughts on “Star Trek, is that you?

    • Thanks for the link and comment.

      Thanks for the hilarious link, and your comment. I’m hoping the next Star Trek is more than the trailer and that poster. Otherwise, I love the fun and understand how Star Trek needs to reinvent itself, and appreciate the camp value I think has been steady since the original series. But now that I think of it all, I really miss Star Trek being a TV show.


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