The jellyfish swarms of Monterey Bay

Look around and down over the piers of the Monterey Bay, California, especially next to the London Bridge Pub at its second Municipal Wharf. You will likely find swarms of jellyfish among the boats.


photo by Orion Tippens

Some years ago, I took these pictures (more below). I’m still astounded and felt the need to share them. Jellyfish are strange, interesting creatures. They are classified as plankton, not fish. They have existed on this earth long before humans and dinosaurs. They can reproduce sexually, and asexually. They have no brains, respiratory systems. or central nervous systems. They live through a network of connected nerves, and are commonly composed of at least 90% water.

To find them in swarms so close to civilization is surreal. I just walked around one quiet morning. Surprise, everywhere.

photo by Orion Tippens

photo by Orion Tippens

photo by Orion Tippens

I’m not sure on the further details on what kind these are. I think these are commonly known as sea nettle jellyfish. They sting humans, paralyze smaller creatures. You can find these, among other types of Jellyfish at the nearby Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Here’s a cool video found from the Youtube:

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