Out for a bit…

cellphone photo by Orion Tippens

Crazy transition for me..

This describes, a sudden turn of personal happenings. These involve the balancing of two jobs, moving, car repairs, and the planning of another summer adventure. All, leading to better quality time for myself and my passions. For this to work out, it is important to not overexert oneself. Time management will become an art, I think. So for now and the next two weeks, excessive writings are on hold.

I will still try and post a few good things, provided spare time is possible between the busy schedulings.

For those who followed my blog, “liked” my Facebook Page, enjoyed my writings and pictures: thank you all from my heart. I value and appreciate your time and chances give to my writings, photos, and thoughts. Your “likes,” reblogs, comments, and support mean a lot to me and motivate me to push on more. However, sorry for just a little longer; I will lack in the sharing of thoughts, interested, cool visitations. I promise after my time back to one job and find a stable place to live and write, I will dedicate more time to this blog and my shared passions. And, the time spent will be better.

Also, I have another idea in mind for Traveling Orion. Some thing, this blog will lead to in time, for which I am excited. This mysterious concept, I have wanted to do for a long time since my high school days. This will be a series, for which I hope to expand in good time and will involve more traveling as the idea grows. It’s all kind of vague, but trust me; the idea will be awesome and worth your following. More on that, hopefully kicked off before the end of May.

The picture above was taken this morning; a moment in this year’s Color Run 5K marathon event passing through Seattle’s Belltown district. The run is one of many throughout the nation. The idea is to wear white, and finish at the end with colors sprayed over the collected selves to celebrate the spreading of happiness or something. I wish I could take time out to witness that. Maybe next year or another city..

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