The wonder full International Fountain of Seattle

photo by Orion Tippens

In Seattle, you can find rain on the sunniest of days.

Visit the International Water Fountain near the great Space Needle! It’s got a nice surrounding lawn, relaxing classical music, and some fantastic art museums nearby. The fountain itself is an everlasting, constantly changing work of awesome.

For more info on this grand fountain, here are the specs from the official Seattle Center online page:

  • Built: Originally in 1961 for 1962 World’s Fair 
  • Replaced & rebuilt: 1995
  • Landscape Architect: Kenichi Nakano & Associates
  • Mechanical Designer: WET Design
  • Diameter of bowl: 220’
  • Height & width of dome: 10’ tall & 27’ wide
  • Water Capacity: 9,000 gallons
  • Water Shooters: 137 total mist nozzles
  • 77 fleur-de-lis’
  • 56 microshooters
  • 4 Super Shooters
  • Height reached by Super Shooters: 120’
  • Water in one Super Shooter: 66 gallons
  • Air pressure in one Super Shooter shot: 120 psi
  • Number of water programs synchronized to music: 5
  • Welcome to Seattle Center Show, Aaron Copeland’s ‘Billy the Kid,’ Duke Ellington, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, and a mix from Northwest Rock ‘n Roll legends. 
  • Time of shows: up to 12 minutes

Touch the center if you dare..

photo by Orion Tippens

photo by Orion Tippens

photo by Orion Tippens

photo by Orion Tippens

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