5 thoughts on “Picture of Today 1/20/15, Light Ride

    • Now that I am not so tired and crazy exhausted from work, I did a little research.

      It may also be because it’s part of a project called Ghost Bikes.. A project about bicycle safety, and possibly where someone may have died in a bike accident. These white bikes can be found throughout many places in the world.

      More info here…


      • Oh, oh, oh. Now I remember that I have heard of Ghost Bikes but? What is the effectiveness without signage or something for clueless people like me, to know what the bike represents? I remember seeing one on Second Avenue at the corner of Benaroya Hall where a bicyclist was killed, surrounded by flowers and other memorial.


      • Indeed. I saw no signs or anything. It was by the Seattle Art Museum and thought maybe this was some art thing like the stuff I see at and around Sculpture Park.


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