Picture of Today 2/1/15, Keep the Lights on


Today will be a day not forgotten by Seahawk fans, or sports fans in general.

In short, the home team would have won this Super Bowl football finale. Both teams played a great, very tough game. The difference in victory was less than a yard to go. But in the end, a terrible call happened for the Seahawks, and perhaps the worst play in football (definitely in Super Bowl history) was made. Even so, it’s all a reminder of how human we can all be. Mistakes can be made, as imperfections are born from our god-given ability to make them. The best thing to do is brush them off, learn from these, and move on.

Then with new wisdom, there will be new victories to strive toward..like next season for the Seattle team. I look forward.

(Go Hawks!)


5 thoughts on “Picture of Today 2/1/15, Keep the Lights on

    • Thanks! And from what I have noticed, the real 12s like yourself are out there and giving support in many ways. We are not letting a time less than 2 minutes cancel out a great and proud season. Go Hawks!!


    • Aw yeah! We learn and grow…and definitely won’t forget, lol. I was super impressed with the new guy Chris Matthews #13 in wis wide receiving skills. I learned just a whole year ago he worked at a Foot Locker in customer service. Also, loved that catch with Kearse juggling the ball.. And Beast Mode was awesome as usual. Wilson did some great unpredictable stuff (a quality I like a lot about him) Loved those great examples of Seahawk awesomeness, and I think those will remind us as well toward more greatness.

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