Pictures of Today 2/13/15, Crazy Highs..


Wows, what is going in with these skies?

Today, was a day of constant changing patterns and strange hazy hues. Earlier was sunnier and blue in parts, later turning to many shades of grey. The clouds were of many shapes..some straight and narrow, others round and fluffy, some patterns and others in total chaos. The day was also warm, up to 64 degrees; unusual for this time of year to be this warm in Seattle, I think. My weather app said there would be rain, but there was none that I noticed. Still, the skies were beautiful and kept us guessing throughout the day.

More below.. Birds! Totem poles! Space Needle! More clouds!





4 thoughts on “Pictures of Today 2/13/15, Crazy Highs..

    • Indeed, Thanks! Hope you’re enjoying this too 🙂

      I’m getting some days off coming forward (from a lack of work). I look forward to more of this nice, yet crazy weather.

      • Would love to, it’s been a while since I choked down on some Voodoo Donuts and got lost inside Powells Books. I will ponder this for my near future.

        But if I can spare good time and money, I really want to go to Canada for the first time (to Vancouver at least). I’ve been itching to do that since the new year began.

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