Picture of Today 3/1/15, to Live Long and Prosper..

Yes, that is an original outfit worn by Leonard Nimoy, as Spock – science officer to the USS Enterprise. It was on display at the entrance to the open public, this weekend at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

As many of you already know, the actor behind the ears passed away days ago. While Nimoy is best known for playing that character through many years, it’s important to know hE was also a director, a musician, an artist, a voice actor, a writer, a poet, and much more. His experiences and well roundedness contributed to the building of our Vulcan friend. Spock’s “fascinating” view of humanity from the outside was a character trait brought forth by Nimoy after advice from another (detailed from the excellent “These Are the Voyages” first book by Marc Cushman). The humanistic yet logical demeanor Nimoy brought to his character helped bring realism and seriousness to the science fiction genre.

For me, the character of Spock through Nimoy influenced my development over the decades. Through repeat viewings of Star Trek, I often admired his Vulcan logic to solve troubling dilemmas. To consider both sides of an argument, and use the most intelligent, non-violent to find the best answers. His subtle humor, and observations of human behavior, and philosophical exchanges contribute to the intelligent commentary that was often Star Trek.  Nimoy’s development and dedication to the character lasted through books, movies, cartoons..and his own reflections in interviews and autobiographical accounts. 

And to his soul “being the most human,” here is a poem Nimoy posted on Twitter, one week ago..

Thank you Leonard Nimoy.. your contributions to the betterment of humanity will live long and prosper.

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