The Saucer Magnolia of Seattle

Over the weekend, my eyes fixated upon a magnificent tree with its colorful blooms..

That tree is the Magnolia Soulangeana, or the Saucer Magnolia. This blooming magnificently and stands alone at the Seattle Center (the park area of the Space Needle). You’ll find it a little north to the great International Fountian. This is a tree of multidimensional beauty. From far away and in early spring/late winter, you may gaze upon its’s large blooming flowers of an outside purple edge, shifting to pink and whites. Inside, the petals are white. Upon the ground, they fall to create a surreal, colorful scatter. 

Thanks to the wonderful management of the Seattle Center, I learned of this tree. I was told there colors and changes are a natural evolvement. I felt there had to be more, so I looked up more info..

From Wikipedia..

“Magnolia × soulangeana was initially bred by French plantsman Étienne Soulange-Bodin (1774–1846), a retired cavalry officer in Napoleon’s army, at his château de Fromont near Paris. He crossed Magnolia denudata with M. liliiflora in 1820, and was impressed with the resulting progeny’s first precocious flowering in 1826.[3][4]

From France, the hybrid quickly entered cultivation in England and other parts of Europe, and also North America. Since then, plant breeders in many countries have continued to develop this magnolia, and over a hundred named horticultural varieties (cultivars) are now known.”

Below, we have more, with fallings showing both sides to the loosed petals. In the last pics, are bonus Azaleas.

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