Picture of Today 8/6/2015, Museum Friends

Photo Aug 06, 6 37 58 PM

African masks on display, at the third floor of the Seattle Art Museum.

These two are among many related native African art pieces. These in particular, have my front attention as their placement is near the escalator, somewhat facing those entering the third floor. They seem lively, with their modernized dress and mimicked posture. The mask on the male is a Knife Yam (Mma Jii), and often used in theatrical performances in the region of Afikpo of Nigeria. I believe the one on the female is used for the same. I will try and remember to take notes and add to this upon my next visit.

This highlight was during my third visit on a Thursday afternoon, the first week of a month. During this time, this and many other museums have free admission times in Seattle (possible other cities as well). Great for a casual visit, as I am usually on my way home at the end of the day. A visit to the museum adds cheer to a usually work-stressed Thursday.

– Orion T