Picture of Today 2/14/2017, Valentine’s Day

Another Valentine’s Day,

Where many express happiness unto special others in the form of colorful cards, sugary candy, manufactured flowers, that special phone call, or some silly social network update. 

For others, perhaps it’s another day..Singles Awareness Day, Super Taco Tuesday, actor Simon Pegg’s Birthday, astronomer Galileo Galilei’s Birthday, Simpsons creator Matt Groening Birthday, somebody else’s Birthday… whatever, everyday holds something special, significant for someone.

Just enjoy the day as you let it happen, for whatever it gives you.

Orion T

Picture of Today 2/14/16, Valentine’s Day Madness

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And, another wacky day for cool stores to have fun with their products towards. Here at the Uwajimaya grocery market in Seattle’s International District, you can buy a lot of Pocky to share. Pocky is an import snack from Japan that’s been around a while, featuring flavored or coated crispy breadsticks. There’s almost countless flavors and similar brands out there at different times. Strawberry and chocolate are common. Chocolate and banana are the most recent I enjoyed. The most I loved too much within recent years are the grape, pineapple, and cookies and cream flavors.


Orion T