Halo over Seattle

Halo over he Space Needle

Tis a lovely weekend, here in Seattle.

However, I missed the rare ice “halo” optical effect over the sky yesterday. I saw few similar moon halos in my lifetime, but nothing from captured like this. The funny thing, is me everywhere outside on errands, visiting peeps, going to shops, typing, more coffee. If I looked up at that time, I would have probably caught this.

So why not? I look up and and around much in this wonderful city. It’s become my new favorite time passer.

But most of yesterday, was a dreary sky void of color. The landscapes were dull, the grass robbed of green, the buildings lost their reflections. The waters of Elliot Bay were still, boring. The weather was humid, and warm. Some would say nice being how cold Seattle for much of the year. I was thinking, meh. I thought the day was nothing special.

But, I was wrong. Every day is special, some just fail to see why.

NOTE: the picture was from a Seattle reddit post, with the origin on Imgur with no credits, not sure on the source. I will update if further info is found. 

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