Dancing in the Library


The week ago, still echoes in my mind.

There was this dance within the downtown Central Seattle Library. All very unexpected, as I was there on other errands. Yet, I overheard some instrumental, relaxing musical tones in the distance. I realized something was amiss, and looked over the 5th floor overhang to the 3rd. My curiosity was rewarded..

Seattle Central Public Library

I went for a closer look..


I missed most of the previous act. And, another one began..up to the 5th floor, where everyone would follow. The music continued but fading for the next act.


Soon, an interesting woman would meet an interesting man (music becomes a bit more modern synth)..

photo (7)

Together, they do as many interesting people often do…

Seattle Central Public Library

They danced..

Seattle Central Public Library

and danced..


There was more dancing, of which I missed. Still, the caught moments were exciting, and worth the pause from my errands.

This performance act was part of the “Dancing About Architecture” series, presented by the Seattle Central Library featuring the Sapience Dance Collective. For more on the Sapience Dance Collective, click here. And, the Seattle Central Library is awesome and worthwhile for a visit., so click here for more on there.

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