Life below your feet..

Starfish below

Starfish, through the clear waters below the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal pier in far West Seattle area. I notice by surprise, and quite huge, very blue or purple. Just look over the edge where the pier splits, and under the clear water on a quiet day. You may see them too.

I’m told these are purple according to some later research (I am a little color blind). Possibly these are pisaster ochraceus, or the Ochre sea star, also known as the Purple sea star.

I stare at the starfish while waiting for my transport to Vashon island. I see starfish as lazy creatures, with no patience because they wait for nothing. Here, they are likely safe from predators, meddling humans and their troublesome transports. I find amazing how their little underside can clench to almost anything that humans would find a struggling inconvenience. They simply stay, with no regard to gravity or the rising angles. In freedom, their habitat is grand, and most enjoyable for their brief 3-5 year lifespan. I imagine to be a starfish is like a day in the park, for the rest of your life.

Meanwhile, a morning of nothing else but the calm waters of Puget Sound’s Salish Sea. Then, back to the starfish. They now share a space with a lone friend, a crab. I never seen one cling to a pier like this. I can understand the ability of starfish, but how does the crab stay? See, at the water line..


I think again, what else am I missing out there and so near? Here below, holds much company within Washington State’s massive Puget Sound. I know further north to the San Juan Islands, orca killer whales are often seen. Someday, I am saving for special with a good zoom lens and proper time to see these wonderful creatures rise. I also hear of octopi and seals below these same waters. I have seen plenty of seals from my life most along the California Coast. But for the octopi, I wish to someday personally observe in their natural habitat. Somewhere out there, far below.

Puget Sound, Salish Sea

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