Pictures of Today 2/2/14

Photo Feb 02, 8 20 51 AM

12th Man Victory!!

The Seattle Seahawks crushed the Denver Broncos 48-8 in tonight’s grand Super Bowl football championship. The fans took to the streets, chanting SEAHAWKS!! SEAHAWKS!! SEAHAWKS!! Constant cheering, high-fiving, cars honking, joints smoking, crowd surfing, flags waving, police nervous, and all good for the home team.

Photo Feb 02, 8 33 58 AM.

Photo Feb 02, 8 57 32 AM

Photo Feb 02, 8 48 51 AM

Photo Feb 02, 8 40 44 AM

Photo Feb 02, 8 31 16 AM


Pictures by Orion Tippens. NOTE: Do not copy or use any of the images here or herein without written consent (contact Orion at © Copyright 2014 Orion Tippens. All Rights Reserved

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