The Cherry Trees at the University of Washington, Seattle..


The best sign of the fresh Spring..

These Yoshino cherry trees, are scattered throughout the Seattle area. Now, they are full and amazing. This is a nice reward to us locals for putting up with the plentiful showers of early March. Now, the weekend weather is grand and sunny. Many cherry trees, you can easily find Downtown, International District, Capitol Hill and the neighboring regions throughout.

Perhaps the best place to see an organized assembly is here, at the University of Washington, in the center Quad. The weekends are best for non-students. The blossoms are at their peak in late March, early April.


Picture by Orion Tippens. Note: Do not copy or use any of the images here or herein without written consent (contact Orion at © Copyright 2014 Orion Tippens. All Rights Reserved

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