Conventional Fun at the GirlGeekCon..


So, I attended the GirlGeekCon in Seattle…

This annual event was a very humble, down-to-earth geek gathering; focused on female fandom and contributions to science fiction/fantasy, alternative related pop-cultures and creative arts. Males were welcome, but outnumbered. I made new friends, discovered fresh reads, reminisced on 16-bit game classics, discussed favorite Star Trek series and episodes. Overall, great fun!

Below, are my personal highlights:


The main area, where one can see (and buy some) cool things by fellow fans and creative types.


Over in Artist Alley, Katie Clark ( presents her artwork and great taste in geek pop-culture.

Photo Oct 11, 5 11 43 AM

I learned that day, caffeinated marshmallows are a thing..

Photo Oct 11, 5 32 18 AM

So are these bars of soap shaped like game controllers, cartridges and Pokeballs (


Later on one of many hilarious slides at the Golden Age Vixens panel..


Marvel and Hogwarts represent! I will post up some more fan cosplay pics in the near post.

Photo Oct 11, 6 35 04 AM

One of many games being played in the gaming room. I like the design and look of Oh Gnome You Don’t. 


A gathering of younger cosplayers on stage, during the costume contest.


More good times on stage, as the audience chooses a favorite in a battle of cheers Yoshi the Nintendo Dinosaur and helper of Mario (in the middle made from yarn) won the crowd.


My favorite act of the later night.. A full episode enactment of Star Trek’s original series episode Mirror, Mirror (this scene at the end) from the Outdoor Trek group. Brilliant fun overall, with creative stage props and effects, and a fantastic back-up band doing the musical cues.

All good times!

Pictures by Orion Tippens. Note: Do not copy or use any of the images here or herein without written consent (contact Orion at © Copyright 2014 Orion Tippens. All Rights Reserved

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