Pictures of Days 3/21-3/26/15, Of Recent Randoms

Here below are some observations, in the great Seattle city. All were captured with my camera that barely works now.

High in the sky before the Key Arena entrance..

Noticed a little timey wimey stuck with a little icky sticky. By the way, today (March 26th) marks the 10th anniversary of the day Doctor Who new revival run began, initially starring Christopher Eccleston. He was a fantastic Doctor..

Singin the rain. Here is Hobbit and Hare, a wonderful Pike Market street performer duo..

Wow, look at these mushrooms (Pike Place Market)..

Gotta heart the Seattle spirit, as someone took time and effort for to bring smiles to those looking down..

Back in Post Alley, one could get lost in art.

In Fremont, I took a friend of mine to make friends with a troll. 

The colorful interior basement of the Narwhal, underneath the Unicorn Bar..

Back in Capitol Hill, on Pike Street and 11th.. 

After the rains..


A bird enjoying a small meal, I think. 


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