Picture of Today 9/24/2016, Running Wild in the Concrete Jungle…

Here is a small part of the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions. 

Not too far away for the local Seattle portion, was also a crowd gathering and a mini parade of activists and musicians. Their goal was clear, to prevent the extinction of large animals, especially elephants, rhinos and lions for their furs, horns, and whatever else humans could live without. Such the threat to wildlife still happens through the the world today, where these animals are endangered and vulnerable to extinction. 

– Orion T

2 thoughts on “Picture of Today 9/24/2016, Running Wild in the Concrete Jungle…

  1. Thank you for writing about this incredible event. It was so “wild” to experience walking down 5th Avenue with a police escort wuth hundreds of onlookers recording. Bravo! #MarchAgainstExtinction #GMFERLSEATTLE

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  2. Learned a lot from the great speakers who came from around the world. The most interesting thing for me that I didn’t know was that the sale of exotic animal parts is a large portion of terrorist group funding. Yet another reason to stop poaching now!

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