Picture of Today 8/21/2017, Peek of the Solar Eclipse

Photo Aug 21, 9 43 54 AM

My view of the latest solar eclipse of 2017, above.

Living and working in Seattle, I witnessed a 92% peak of its possible totality. It was a privilege to have that much, being so close to its 100% totality across mid-Oregon state.

Such was an awesome sight from glasses (well worth the trouble in procuring). The time of the moon passing over the sun a little over two hours, with its peak at 10:20 AM. Such was the lively experience, witnessing the awesome power of our tiny moon, blocking the overwhelming presence of our closest star, for just the moment.

The picture here doesn’t capture the natural glow as well. But getting the pic was a fun challenge, using another pair of eclipse glasses as a filter over the lens, then trying to focus wild holding the camera and trying not to go blind. All went well, though my eyes definitely needed a rest afterward. Overall, a great experience made better by sharing with others. I shall look forward to the next solar eclipse in the US during 2024, though it will require a little travel. Hmmm…

– Orion T

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