Being stuck in a winter state of mind…

Today is the first day of Spring, but the picture above does not reflect today.

It’s about a month old, from the last full day I had outside, February 13th, 2021. Since then, it’s been parts of days on weekends and not much else because my busy life, often full of messaging chains, video conferences, and work. Also, the last two weeks I mostly spent in a 14-day stay at home quarantine, as part of the ongoing pandemic.

I did not test positive Covid-19. However, someone I know very close that I was in contact with did. I tested negative, but through advisement from others and the county, I went into a 14-day quarantine. This was over the possibility that Covid-19 could develop late. Fortunately, it did not.

From there, the time was a bit rough not so much dealing with isolation and living alone in a small, darkened apartment, but other things revolving around mental health. I received some sad news over distant friends, family affected by the pandemic, and felt helpless. I also felt a bit down, pondering my future post-quarantine and post-vaccination life eventually. Where will I be? What will I be doing? How much time must I give to dead-end positions of employment where I continue to be underutilized and my greater talents ignored? So much of my spare time at peak energy and brain is spent working with dead-end tasks that do nothing for career growth, yet pay bills and keeps me moving.

With that, I do have some answers and gave heavy thought to some new ideas. Some of that will take more thinking and more planning, but I look forward to making good on them. That includes, finding fresh energy when I am lacking it the most.

Still, there remains a struggle of wills. A fight to keep going. Some of it is from age, and some of it is from depression. I do what I can do, to get through this long, cold winter.

But, also… I remembered that I had shot many video segments from my walk in the snow last month. I wanted to do a little test, to see how I could do on camera as a host, and a videographer. During the quarantine, I had enough time to get through the footage, weed out the most cringiest parts, do a lot of editing. I also refreshed my skills on motion graphics, animated logos, some other stuff.

This is the result:

Watch as much as you can. If you make it through and enjoyed, please hit a “Like” and “Subscribe” on the YouTube. That will certainly help excite things and ideas for the coming spring season, which begins for me after my quarantine session.

Orion T

5 thoughts on “Being stuck in a winter state of mind…

  1. I loved this! It was so great to see everything because I have not been downtown in a very long time. My favorite part was the view from the newly rebuilt Pier 66, hope to see it in person this year. Best chuckle was listening to you try to remember what the stadium is called now, they keep changing the name — I just call it “where the Seahawks play” like you do, that works. Loved the labels with info that you added, very helpful. Oh, and my favorite tour is from the Klondyke Gold Rush Museum, I hope they will do those again this summer. Very basic and factual Seattle info and the tour is free.

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    • Awww, thanks!!! I want do some more local tours but on various aspects of downtown like the history, weird little hangouts, movie and video game references, food. There is so much, and the video part was fun to do though it was mostly and experiment. The more I do it, the easier I think I can do this, and I think can do a weekly show!

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    • Thanks WiSH!! Yes indeed, outside always lifts my mood 😀 I hope are or get vaccinated soon as well. I think peace of mind will come with how I best use my time moving forward, which has been on my mind a lot.

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