Pictures of Today 8/23/15, Setting Sun over the Hazy Sky..

A beautiful sunset today. 

But not from the best of reasons. Throughout he Pacific Northwest, brushfire are scattered about, destroying homes and pushing firefighters to their limits. I have heard three firefighters have lost their lives. Many are volunteering to control the spread. 

But where this is no fire, there is still notice. The skies have been smoky and hazy over Seattle throughout this weekend. The result is a surreal filter to the city, leading to some eerie skies and added density to the warm climate. We can hide, or watch…then hope and pray for the end of the afar fires, and for the safety of those involved. 


– Orion T

Pictures of Today 2/17/15, the Special Set


Another day, another awesome reason to enjoy the world around you.

Though, I regret not finding the time yesterday in my busy schedule to venture local. I saw much from the Seattle social media of some epic sunset then. Well, that seems to happen all the time! I said before on how amazing our sunsets are, as no two seem the same.

Yet, for some reason yesterday was super special. Well, today is also super special. Maybe not as super special as yesterday, but still…super special. You just got to enjoy the time outside no matter what day (even with no sun). Anything else awesome in wait, is just a bonus.

Below are others who may agree, in a moment of sunset glory..




Picture of Today 2/8/15, Grey Sunday


Today was a simple day of nothing. Some waffles, some books, some light thoughts of where the week will go; no stress and kicking feet up when possible. Then, I remembered to take a walk. That took effort, as I enjoyed my lazy state of mind. Yet, I did go out (realizing I was almost out of laundry detergent, and the local market closes early on Sunday).

And, the city was quiet. Not many out, with most cars in their parked positions. There was little wind, but enough to let the currents cleanse the the dulled senses (from being indoors for so long). Looking to the sky, where all was grey and thick..the occasional bird gliding by; feelings of kind nothings filled the mind of mine. So, I went for a longer walk, and took the above picture (and below). That was the highlight of my day, perhaps the whole week. Let’s see..