Picture of Today 11/25/14


Happiness is watching some Peanuts cartoon from the warmth of your surroundings. These good times with Charlie Brown and the gang do not have to be from the home, or with familiars, or in direct gaze at the screen.

Picture of Today 11/15/14


The moment is quiet and still. No wind, just chill.

Over there, is a contemporary dance theater with scheduled performances. However, for this weekend (as told by a passing local), the Hump! Festival is going on inside. It was described as all amateur porn films, submitted by individuals; the largest show of its kind in the Pacific Northwest US.

I felt almost curious as further questions raised in my head, but best left unasked, unanswered. So, I’ll just go catch that 10:45 showing of Interstellar at the nearby movie theater.