Picture of Today 7/27/16, The Over Light 

Just one light fixture among many at the beautiful, historic Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. One could look around and see the well-preserved arches, talk windows, shined floorways, wooden surfaces within the grand halls. Passing through such a picture, can feel blessed for that feeling of time.

Here’s a a quick unedited pic of that noticeable setting below…

– Orion T

Picture of Today 12/6/15, Spinning Blue

Photo Dec 06, 4 39 56 PM

Just a long exposure shot of the Great Seattle Wheel by the waterfront, in the rain.

it was a pretty awesome blue color, which looked somehow bluer in the rain I think. I think it was also blue (with some green) because of the Seahawks football game today. I say it’s their game not because I happen to live in Seattle, but for them beating the Vikings 38-7 and advancing as a “wild card” for the upcoming playoffs. Go Hawks!

Anyway, rain is coming down pretty hard. Gotta go home, and rest for the busy work week. I leave with the a bonus still shot of that ferris wheel at full stop…

Photo Dec 06, 4 36 55 PM

Orion T