Picture of Today 12/11/14, Moment Along


A brief moment here, between difficult weather happenings. The clouds here moved quick, in multiple layers from right to left. My fingers shiver in taking this picture; anxious to return to my warmly pockets. The moment is lovely, but I also had to move. My break is over..

(Picture taken at Sculpture Park, and that tree is made of some metal)

Hours earlier, a furious rainstorm. Hours later, howling winds. Then, early night took over, and the winds and rain will likely team. It is best to be inside now (8:47 p.m.)

Picture of Today 12/6/14, Through Sculpture Park.


Through Sculpture Park, in Seattle.

Here, was good for the later afternoon before the early dark (around 3:00 pm). The temperature was a tolerable 49 degrees with no threats of rain. The cold wind picked up a little and distressed my face, so motioning on was the best activity.

Picture of Today 6/6/14



She listens, with eyes closed. Echo was a nymph, from Ovid’s Metamorphoses; the source of many Greek myths. She had a lovely voice, eventually reduced by Hera, who felt bothered Echo was distracting away from Zeus’s promiscuous affairs. So as punishment, Echo’s voice was cursed to only repeat the last word of another.

Now she is in Seattle, as a giant 46-foot head overlooking the Puget Sound waters. Echo is made from resin, steel and marble dust. Her face, the latest addition to enough bizarre works of art inside Sculpture Park. She was sculpted by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, and brought in from New York as a donation to the Seattle Art Museum.