Lending my eyes for a moment..

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Finally, the monorail is here..

And I was thinking just that, holding still in this grand city of Seattle. I stood on a high concrete platform in the chilly weather, waiting with my arm raised up.

At least 5 minutes, I recall.

The building to my right is the Experience Music Project (E.M.P) and Science Fiction Museum. To my left and VERY close is the great Space Needle tower. The moment between them is worthwhile, but more-so for a faraway friend.

I did not shoot this picture, yet I was holding the “camera,”  lens through my smartphone.The shot was remotely capped by Howard Hill, my friend from 1300 miles (1800 km) away in the Los Angeles area. The shot occurred around noon during a lengthy Skype video chat, at a spontaneous moment within a long walk. All, a leisurely walk turned tour through the local area I currently live, a fun alternative to our traditional face chats in those boring enclosed spaces

I think, what a great concept this is.

Show your distant friends around the streets and expose them to your familiar life and adventures. A video chat within a walk can be exciting and fun, and enhance one’s view of the world beyond  familiar boundaries. The live commentary, and sudden directions from afar could also turn the familiar feet to expose new sights and discoveries.

Here below, is a another remote shot by Howard exhibiting the rising of Seattle’s Belltown area, from the roof of my apartment building. Behind me, is the Space Needle and the Queen Anne area, which follows in another shot at the end of this write-up.


Howard applies the new modern communications to his own fantastic passion for photography. He uses the Skype software, with his own sharp eye to remotely capture and apply his own filters and style. Howard currently networks places of interest around the world, finding new subjects to feature (many of them are also models).

See more and follow Howard’s fantastic work on his own blog here –  howardhillstudio.wordpress.com/.

Howard Hill Studios

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