Picture of Today 12/12/14, The view from Floor 73..


Of the Columbia Tower, tallest building in Seattle; and the 2nd highest within the west coast US states at 933 ft (284 m).

It is a nice quiet place to relax, unless a fear of heights develops. The floor is open to the public, for a small fee (of which I do not remember). The floor is almost 360 degrees, with nice seats and a cafe.

That land between here and the Sun is West Seattle, surrounded by the Puget Sound waters.

2 thoughts on “Picture of Today 12/12/14, The view from Floor 73..

  1. Aww, the Puget Sound. It’s been a while since I visited. I remember mostly Alki beach and downtown Seattle, musicians and a Tulleys and Starbucks on every corner, literally. Thank you for triggering some great memories.

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