Pictures of Today 11/26/2017, Lights-Go-Round


Today, after the sun fell, I passed by a special carousel in Seattle’s downtown Westlake Center, which only comes out for the holiday season around here. I had my good camera with me and took the above picture.

I enjoy the beauty of unfocused lights, as this setting gave much to the eye in variety and sizes. I love every megapixel of this moment. So much loved, I didn’t bother with cropping and or editing the result.

I then shot another picture, this time further our and focused, seconds before someone jumped on the horse…


There is a special brilliance of a great carousel when fully illuminated at night. You see one, take a moment to stop and appreciate. Then maybe, go for a ride.

– Orion T


3 thoughts on “Pictures of Today 11/26/2017, Lights-Go-Round

  1. Tis the season! Thanks for the pics. I hope to get downtown soon and enjoy all of the lights and decorations. One of my favorites is hotel lobbies — some are beautifully decorated, as well as some department stores. Gingerbread Village is across the street this year, not in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel.

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    • I just checked out the Gingerbread village Seattle theme this time, and I’ll have pics posted soon. I’m looking for different decorations this year than the regular Seattle street decos…May randomly check more out when I have the time 😀!

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      • Look for: Christmas trees up on the top of construction cranes! I love twinkly lights and many of the street trees in downtown are decorated this way and could make interesting nighttime shots. Some hotel lobbies are very twinkly, as well, and have beautiful Christmas trees, bows and other decorations.

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