Picture of Yesterday 5/31/15, Needle the Moon


I love a good Moon on a partly cloudy night, especially when it passes above some unusual architecture. 

I took this spontaneous shot through the very top of the Space Needle last night.  Good thing, I had my camera and zoom lens on me.



Picture of Today 3/5/15, the Worm Moon


´╗┐Tonight, we have the Full Moon special. 

This particular moon today is known to some as the Mini Moon, as it appears somewhat smaller. Though smaller by the naked eye, the light flashed a quite illuminative cascade across the night sky. This moon is also known to the Algonquin Native Americans of the New England area as the Worm Moon, as the ground softens for the worms in the coming Spring season (or the Sap Moon, as maple trees also begin to sappen). 

For my time on the room tonight, this is just the Full Moon, doing what it does best.