The Long Winter in the Pacific Northwest…



According to a recent article in the Seattle Times, there were only three full sunny days in Seattle, with mild temperature since October start.

The last of them was a month ago on February 13th, a month ago. The other days have been a mix of gloom and rain. And compared to the prior years, the trees have shown barely any sign of bloom and leafing. I personally miss the cherry blossoms, which would normally bloom in the pics above. But not all is melancholy, for the days here are what you make of them.

There is a feeling of just another natural cycle taking place. Perhaps, the spirit of nature or whatever you believe is in control, making up for the prior warmer years. I feel the need to enjoy whatever is offered. And there is plenty of natural beauty. You just have to look up and around.

But, I really hope the cherry blossoms come around soon.

– Orion T

2 thoughts on “The Long Winter in the Pacific Northwest…

  1. It’s been nice to have a real winter this year, especially after the freakishly warm winter and spring we had last year. Though I do admit day after day of rain gets a bit old after a couple weeks straight! I managed to catch a sunbreak at Golden Gardens for a couple hours about a week ago, and that helps tide me over. Looks like we might get some sun breaks this coming weekend. In the meantime, at least it’s been warmer the last couple days, even though wet. That should nudge the flowers into action.

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