Fun with some things of yesterday…


The above pic was the side of some house in the Columbia City residential area of South Seattle. Shortly after admiring this display I noticed a yard sale sign pointing to a nearby house. I’m a sucker for yard sales, and finding new use I can make of something leaving an old life.

There, I purchased a round, wooden artwork of an exploring astronaut, perfect for my kitchen. And then, I was greeted by  a young girl of elementary school age co-hosting the sale, who invited me to play a little game of skill. Before me upon a driveway, a connected little lane made up of parallel wine corks lined downward. The goal here,  to send a narrow roll of once full of masking tape, down but within the cork lane as far as possible. The little host offered a prize depending on skill, but contained with a plastic egg in her basket. I did not get far, but received a tiny porcelain cat, which i would later misplace.

Which is sad, because I enjoyed that little game with that little cat prize. Its place on my shelf would remind me, to perhaps have own moments of joy, maybe recreate that silly game of corks and tape-roll. However, I hold hope that someone would pick that little prize up. Probably, from either the burger restaurant or bus stop where I probably dropped it fumbling for my wallet. Then, continue this silly little story…

– Orion T







Picture of Today 10/18/15, Rain over Sunday..

The early evening looking out from Westlake Center (Downtown Seattle) toward South Lake Union in the distance.

This day, not the cheeriest of days for many out there, as much of the day had gloomy skies with rain finally this evening. I expected the rainfall since the morning. I also expected the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Carolina Panthers. One expectation eventually happened while the other did not. O well, Go Hawks for next time!

Anyway, I am grateful for this little bit of rain. Downtown Seattle is beautiful when wet.

– Orion T

Picture of Today 2/28/14


Can’t wait for the end of Winter..

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Deep thinking…

What did I come this way for?

You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.

I think I came this way to write and share my mind with the world. It’s what I do, and enjoy most in life. What about you?

As for the picture above, I love the Peanuts comic strips and related anything brought to life by Charles Schulz. Especially, Charlie Brown. Everything about Charlie Brown is wonderful, easy to relate.  He is an emphatic symbol for all who strive, and keep going no matter the result. Throughout and afterwards of his own actions – we find questions, explorations, reflections not just in our favorite blockhead, but in ourselves. Charlie Brown’s conclusions are often humorous, and understanding. We learn from him, to best enjoy and perhaps appreciate our little failures in life, at least for a chuckle. Then, we find other reasons to smile, often the less complicated life things work best, like peanut butter sandwiches and funny dogs.

Concerning the above picture: I love the transitional flipping of black and white. This adds much more to the message and conclusive question. As a result, I feel Charlie Brown may have pondered this for a while. The differences in time between panels could have been minutes or days, perhaps years; I think it’s all the same. As to what leads him to this rumination process, we could only imagine. Losing another baseball game? Another awkward encounter with the Little-Red Haired Girl? Another 5-cent psychiatric evaluation with Lucy Van Pelt? Or perhaps, nothing at all..

I know not the original source of the above picture. The pic was on my hard drive for a long time and forgotten until now. I felt it needed sharing. If anyone knows more info: including the original printed platform, publication date, additional context; please share.