Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

The above shot is from about 9:15 AM,  in Seattle, Washington. The occurrence is slightly after the totality of this night’s Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse, a rare occurrence with the combination of the following things…

A “Supermoon,” which happens at its closest point to Earth during its elliptical orbit. This appears to be slightly bigger and brighter in the sky than a “normal” full moon, best shown in the early rise and set.

The “Blood Moon,” which is the red color from the wavelength of light from the Earth’s atmosphere putting just enough sunlight onto the mostly dark lunar surface.

The “Wolf Moon,” which a traditional name from early North American history (likely given by native tribes, and carried on by the colonists, I think) was given to this first full moon of this midwinter time, as wolves would howl loudly for this night.

All that came together on this one special night, for which will not occur again in this combination for another 18 years.  This phenomenon was worth viewing on this chilly night and lucky for the clouds from past nights not interrupting.

– Orion T

Picture of Today 7/30/15, the Summer Blue Moon


The Almost Full Blue Moon (edit – just learned it’s not quite yet, but at 3:42 in the morning), now here in Seattle while the sun sets.

The evening is cooling from the hot summer day, with the temperature at 81 Fahrenheit now.

Here is a closer look..

The rise was east of Seattle’s Downtown, as seen from Kerry Park. 

The sunset was at about the same time. The city noticed…


– Orion T